Saturday, February 13, 2010

The vote by a landslide for Jekyll and Hyde

At left, The Dresden Dolls' The Virginia Companion on my painting table this afternoon.

Different Dresden Dolls or Amanda Palmer songs hit me at different times in my life. Where a lot of bands I've loved haven't been able to grow with me or speak to me as I get older, there seems to always be something new I can find in their music. This afternoon, at precisely four o'clock, the song "The Mouse and the Model" from No, Virginia blindsided me with appropriate timing and sheer brilliance.

The Mouse and the Model
(lyrics straight from the above book)

Nothing is certain at this time of day; you could reverberate, you could decay.
The mouse and the model are laughing at us.
We'll risk it. We're desperate for someone to trust.
Let's start a new heart, the new charts are in.
We'll take them, we'll break them, we'll make them give in.
By counting your blessings, you wind up in debt.
It starts with your family and ends in your bed.
You Jekyll and Hyded when you could have let your guard down,
your dress up. You must be upset.
It's dark over here on the flip side of reason.
The teaser could be something easy like, "They did it in a book."
You're a crook, you're a fake, you're committed.
If you did it, say you did it.
If you didn't, suck it up and say you did.
Let's start a new heart, the new charts are in.
We'll tax them, relax them, and mate them for fun.
The vote by a landslide for Jekyll and Hyde,
Mackenzie Macavity, Bonnie and Clyde.

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