Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Magic everywhere in this bitch."

Last night, at a friend's gallery opening for her photography studio, I saw this video over the shoulders of her husband and my fiance. They were hunkered over an iPhone, one earbud each, immersed in what was on the screen.

"Um, is that ICP?" I asked. They're not the sort of fellows that you would expect to see sharing headphones to take some time out and watch Violent J.

Since I just watched a bit of it, with no sound, my initial reaction was that Insane Clown Posse has a bigger video budget now and the white outfits were a bold choice.

Today I find that it's making the rounds on the Internet, so I watched it with sound. I now understand why they were so transfixed at the gallery last night.

Do take a few moments and watch this. It's ICP, so I hope you'd intuit that it's NSFW. In my opinion, it goes on about a minute too long, so when the instrumental fade out begins in earnest it's fine to just stop. This is about the WORDS.

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