Thursday, August 5, 2010

What are you up to, Kristin?

Photo by Eric Carroll

Well. July was exhausting. After A Midsummer Night's Dream with Poor Yorick's Players and Literazzi, I am well and truly spent.

There are exciting things on the horizon, even as I take a couple of weeks off and step back from the chaos. This week is planning, thinking, and HEAVENStobetsy, I have to clean my house.

  • Literazzi wrap-up blog and MANY MANY thank yous to the amazing people that made it happen
  • I'm interviewing Murder By Death on Monday; exciting!
  • The advent of The Planning Committee podcast, featuring me, James Foreman, and Dave Stone
  • I'm reading and reviewing Mary Roach's new book Packing for Mars. I love this woman, I love her writing in general, and I already love this book.
  • My email interview with author Alyson Hagy is almost finished; we've been playing with a new back-and-forth email format that should prove interesting.
  • A treatise on Drake's Thank Me Later for soldout music. One of the strangest pieces of writing I've done.
  • I'm turning our living room into what the Reverend is calling "Little Britain." It's going to be totally fabulous.
Also, I am not saying that I know the women who did this, but I will say I love them. Meet JGWTF : a blog that the world truly needs.

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