Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not so much Resolutions, but 2011 Suggestions

photo courtesy of *Sally M* on Flickr Creative Commons

  • Fold a thousand paper cranes. (Instructions)
  • Fiction. Fiction. Fiction. Fiction.
  • Refer back often to this: A Prayer for A New Year.
  • And this: damn right.
  • Create, don't just ingest.
  • Make beautiful lists; draw satisfying lines through tasks accomplished.
  • No skimming. Concentrate.
  • Sleight of hand tricks initiate conversations.
  • Stand on top of (sturdy) things to change your view.
  • Sit up straight, young lady (or man).
  • Limit "reality" TV consumption. You may still watch Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. And Top Chef. And if that exorcism reality show rumor is true, you can watch that.
  • Endeavor to do things in a logical order.
  • Repeat, "I am a sponge."
  • Repeat, "I am a lasso."
  • Allow your brain time to process while not looking at a screen of any type.
  • Don't take on too much.
  • Don't take on too little.
  • Be understanding: to yourself, to others, to your past, to animals, to celebrities, to antagonists, protagonists, narrators, to the very ground you walk on.

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